I specialize in forensic anthropology with an emphasis on skeletal variation and methods of the skeletal biological profile. I am broadly interested in the factors affecting variability in the human skeleton, how this variation can be described and quantified effectively, and what it can help us to say about the individuals found in the present and in the past. ​I also have training and experience with forensic archaeology and outdoor scene processing. 

My current research focuses on the development, validation, and archaeological application of a new adult age-at-death estimation method using a simplified version of the Transition Analysis method (Boldsen et al. 2002) and many binary/ordinal traits throughout the skeleton. I am also working on several outdoor scene processing projects involving the search for clandestine burials and the identification of surface scattered remains using alternate light sources (ALS). Both project have opportunities for undergraduate students. (Schedule an appointment to ask me more!) 

I am always happy to talk to undergraduate students who are interested in applying to graduate school or pursuing anthropology or forensic-related careers. I also enjoy swing dancing, hiking, and rock climbing. I am excited to explore my new home in Platteville with my husband and labs - Biscuits and Graysen! 






Forensic & Biological Anthropology



Biological Anthropology


Penn State University - Dept. of Anthropology

Dissertation: Improved Skeletal Age-at-Death Estimation and its Impact on Archaeological Analyses (Click icon to download.)

Mercyhurst University - Dept. of Applied Forensic Sciences

Master's Thesis: Investigation and Critique of the DiGangi et al. (2009)  Age-At-Death Estimation Method (Click icon to download.)

Penn State University - Dept. of Anthropology

Honors Thesis: Investigation of "low-information" skeletal traits in an African American sample. 

Professional Positions

Assistant Professor of Forensic Investigation

University of Wisconsin-Platteville

Dept. of Criminal Justice & Social Sciences

Assistant Professor of Anthropology 

 ISU Forensic Anthropology Laboratory 

Idaho State University 

Dept. of Anthropology

Visiting Assistant Professor of Applied Forensic Sciences

Mercyhurst University

Dept. of Applied Forensic Sciences

Postdoctoral Researcher

Penn State University

Dept. of Anthropology

Online Course Instructor

Penn State University

Dept. of Anthropology, Penn State World Campus


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