Current Courses: Fall 2021

Previously Taught Courses

FORENSIC 1320: Intro to Crime Scene Investigation

This course delves into various types of technology, techniques and equipment used in crime laboratories, and various types of technology, techniques and equipment used by crime scene technicians at a crime scene. Course also provides an overview for the career of crime scene technicians.


FORENSIC 3050: Medicolegal Investigation 

The purpose of this Medicolegal Death Investigation course is to provide students with the knowledge to perform death scene investigations for coroner's offices or medical examiner offices throughout the country; this course will provide the foundational and working knowledge of death investigation required to meet the competencies set by the ABMDI and possibly  seek certification in the future.  According to the ABMDI, "There has always been a nationwide shortage of forensically knowledgeable and technically skilled individuals available to collect initial death information and perform death scene investigations for  medico legal jurisdictions (American Board of Medico legal Death Investigators, 2016)." This course will seek to satisfy the need for competent homicide investigators, detectives, medicolegal investigators, coroners, and first responders.

Undergraduate Only

Intro to Crime Scene Investigation

Outdoor Scene Processing

Forensic Anthropology [In-Person & Online]

Discover Anthropology

Introductory North American Archaeology [Online]

Senior Seminar (Research Design)

Graduate Only

Directed Master's Thesis Prep  - Research Design

Supervised Master's Thesis Research

Case Report Writing

Sex Estimation Methods (Independent Study)

Mixed (Undergrad & Graduate)

Forensic Anthropology Laboratory Experience

Fragmentary Human Osteology & Lab 

Human Osteology

Human Skeletal Biological Profile & Lab

Applied Forensic Osteology

Forensic Anthropology 

Human Growth & Development