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ANTH 2299: Forensic Anthropology [WEB Course]

An introduction to forensic anthropology, an applied field within the larger discipline of biological anthropology, that analyzes human skeletal remains recovered from medico-legal contexts. The course will cover theoretical foundations and methodologies associated with forensic anthropology and will provide students with an informed appreciation for the field, as well as knowledge regarding the roles, responsibilities, and limitations of a forensic anthropologist. 

ANTH 4432/5532: Human Osteology

This course provides in-depth training in the field of osteology—the study of human bones and teeth. The course has both lecture and hands-on components. Students will learn to identify complete and fragmentary elements of the human skeleton by sight, as well as touch. They will learn to recognize key anatomical features and relate these to corresponding soft tissue structures. Introductory lectures will deal with growth and development of osseous and dental structures, human biological variation, and factors that modify the skeleton before and after death, including trauma, pathology, and taphonomy. This course provides a strong foundation for advanced anatomical and anthropological studies in forensic anthropology, bioarchaeology, paleoanthropology and medical fields.

ANTH 4492: Senior Seminar

Integration and application of anthropological theories and methods to current research issues. 

Undergraduate Only

Discover Anthropology

Forensic Anthropology [Online]

Introductory North American Archaeology [Online]

Graduate Only

Directed Master's Thesis Prep  - Research Design

Supervised Master's Thesis Research

Case Report Writing

Sex Estimation Methods (Independent Study)

Mixed (Undergrad & Graduate)

Forensic Anthropology Laboratory Experience

Fragmentary Human Osteology & Lab 

Human Osteology

Human Skeletal Biological Profile & Lab

Applied Forensic Osteology

Forensic Anthropology 

Human Growth & Development

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