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FORENSIC 4620: Forensic Anthropology (Current Topics in Forensic Investigation)

This course provides a broad introduction to the field of forensic anthropology, which includes forensic archaeology (the recovery, documentation, and interpretation of outdoor scenes) and forensic osteology (the laboratory analysis of human remains). Each topic area will include a survey of the history, key theoretical issues, and commonly used methods using lectures, hands-on activities, and primary source articles. Theory and practical skills of importance for law enforcement, forensic investigators, and medicolegal professionals will be emphasized. After taking this course, students will be able to explain how forensic anthropologists contribute to investigations involving human remains and what is possible within the current bounds of the science. Students will also possess the vocabulary and basic skills needed to facilitate effective collaborations and consultations with forensic anthropologists when needed.

FORENSIC 1320: Intro to Crime Scene Investigation

This course delves into various types of technology, techniques and equipment used in crime laboratories, and various types of technology, techniques and equipment used by crime scene technicians at a crime scene. Course also provides an overview for the career of crime scene technicians.

Undergraduate Only

Discover Anthropology

Forensic Anthropology [Online]

Introductory North American Archaeology [Online]

Senior Seminar (Research Design)

Graduate Only

Directed Master's Thesis Prep  - Research Design

Supervised Master's Thesis Research

Case Report Writing

Sex Estimation Methods (Independent Study)

Mixed (Undergrad & Graduate)

Forensic Anthropology Laboratory Experience

Fragmentary Human Osteology & Lab 

Human Osteology

Human Skeletal Biological Profile & Lab

Applied Forensic Osteology

Forensic Anthropology 

Human Growth & Development

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