** Due to state-wide restrictions on non-essential personnel resulting from COVID-19, the ISU-FAL is not accepting cases at this time. If your case is urgent, please contact Dr. Getz at getzsara@isu.edu to discussion options.**

Idaho State University Forensic Anthropology Laboratory (ISU-FAL)

The Idaho State University Forensic Anthropology Laboratory is a professional laboratory operating within the academic environment of the Idaho State University. The laboratory aims to provide the highest quality forensic anthropological analyses while training and educating undergraduate and graduate students. The laboratory employs standardized methods and procedures, which are conducive to the production of objective, scientifically based analyses.

All faculty and students affiliated with the anthropology department (and others by request) are welcome to participate in casework if it will support research or professional development. All interested individuals must submit an application packet and complete several online trainings offered for free through the university.


The volunteer packet includes a Case Participation Request form, Laboratory Code of Ethics, and Confidentiality Agreement. The online trainings cover general laboratory safety, including the use of personal protective equipment (PPE), working with bloodborne pathogens, and common chemical hazards. These forms and trainings help to ensure the integrity of our work and maintain a standard of safety in the field and laboratory.Additional supervised, hands-on training in the field and laboratory is also required.  

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