Courses Previously Taught at ISU

ANTH 2299: Forensic Anthropology [WEB]

An introduction to forensic anthropology, an applied field within the larger discipline of biological anthropology, that analyzes human skeletal remains recovered from medico-legal contexts. The course will cover theoretical foundations and methodologies associated with forensic anthropology and will provide students with an informed appreciation for the field, as well as knowledge regarding the roles, responsibilities, and limitations of a forensic anthropologist. 

ANTH 4499/5599: Applied Forensic Osteology

This hand-on lab course will focus on methods of skeletal analysis. Your assignments out of class will be to read and be ready to apply the methods found in primary source articles. In class, I will briefly answer questions, and we will spend the vast majority of classes working with the methods and learning how to interpret the bones to estimate age, sex, ancestry, and stature. PREREQ: None. Prior experience with forensic anthropology, osteology, comparative osteology/zooarch, or anatomy/physiology is highly recommended, but not required. 

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